Nikeisha Powell-Echevestre

Nikeisha is the founder of Ark BS and as it President plays a key role in the strategic vision and growth of the firm. She holds a BBA in Accounting and an MBA in Business Administration along with several accreditations and certifications. Over a decade long career, Nikeisha have held key position across several industries: retail, finance, construction and education.

Prior to founding Ark BS, Nikeisha Co-Founder/President of Magnifico Associates and Director of Accounting at Woodland Construction.

John Campbell
Director of Operations

John is the co-founder and Director of Operations of Ark BS. He plays a key role in the field operations and logistics of the firm. John holds a BBA in Business Administration along with several accreditations and certifications.

Prior to co-founding Ark BS; John was a Distribution Manager for a global food company, where he was charged with commissioning several of their international plants.